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Battalion 1944 plays like a shooter born in 2005

VIDEO: A quick introduction to Battalion 1944's old school style and competitive modes.

Battalion 1944 is a throwback FPS, but not to the days of Quake and Doom. It's a shooter built for those nostalgic for the early 2000s and simpler, more straightforward WW2 battles. You won't find Call of Duty's modern killstreaks or progression here, but you will find a strong resemblance to Call of Duty 2's tense search & destroy mode and some very satisfying bolt-action rifles.

Battalion 1944 is still working through some Early Access launch growing pains, but it's already a refreshingly straightforward shooter for 2018. Matches are all about fast kills with familiar weapons. And bunnyhopping. Lots and lots of bunnyhopping.

Above you can learn more about Battalion 1944 in our short commentary video. If you're looking for some raw gameplay, check out the video embedded below, which shows off the Domination and team deathmatch modes from Arcade, and the search & destroy-style Unranked.

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