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And in other PC gaming news...

Do you remember Armadillo Run ? Sadly the answer is "Probably not". The physics puzzler was awesome, but has been largely forgotten. How awesome? Well according to this video Tom Francis spotted today, totally bloody awesome. The highlight has to be the little tank that drives the Armadillo along while firing rockets out of its gun. Priceless.

Check inside for a collection of physics enabled, rocketeering PC gaming news.

  • Stephen Merchant talks to IGN about playing Wheatley in Portal 2.
  • Shacknews say Trine 2 will have cross platform play between PC and Mac.
  • VG247 say Lineage 2 will go free to play in Europe in December.
  • Blizzard have put out a Mists of Pandaria talent calculator.
  • Paradox have put their release schedule for the next few months online.

Have you got any great but obscure games you'd like to share with everyone else? Let us know in the comments below.