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And in other PC gaming news...


Today in the PC Gamer offices Tim finally snapped after years of strategy games and attempted to annex NGamer with a remote controlled tank. Sadly before we could crush them under the heel of our glorious PC gaming empire the NGamer staff retaliated with an assault of green and red shells. We're now in a war of attrition, but don't worry, I'm sure it'll all be over by Christmas.

Check within for news from the front.

  • Ludum Dare happened over the weekend, check out the entries here.
  • Joystiq notice that a jobs listing for LucasArts suggests a possible open world RPG.
  • Doom contains great advice for parenting.
  • Joystiq informs us that there are now Spelunky toys out. They are adorable.
  • VideoGamer report that Penny Arcade are launching an IOS app that recommends new games from ones you own.
  • The Space Marine demo is now available to those with early access.

So tell us readers, what strategy should we employ to break the deadlock?