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Almighty: Kill Your Gods is a game about punching deities in the face with magic gloves

Indie publisher Versus Evil unveiled a fun looking new project today called Almighty: Kill Your Gods, a third-person co-op action game being developed by Runwild Entertainment that's set to come to PC later this year.

As an Alpha, a magical warrior infused with the power of your ancestors, you'll wield comically oversized magical gauntlets capable of devastating ranged and melee attacks as you stand against the enemies of your people. After each victory you'll claim resources from your fallen foes and use it to rebuild your Home Island, and Gauntlets and Power Stones can also be crafted to create "unique and highly customizable" character builds supporting a wide range of playstyles.

Players can take the game on solo, but it sounds like online is where the real action will be. Alphas can team up in packs to hunt larger and more powerful monsters, demons, and gods, defend other Home Islands from raiders, and even open up trading routes to help accelerate the rebuilding process. 

But the battle is never-ending: "Gods and monsters roam the islands, each with their own behaviors," Versus Evil said. "Anger the gods and watch the island violent react as things escalate for emergent, non-directed gameplay."

Almighty: Kill Your Gods is listed on Steam and expected to be out in the fall.

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