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A Sekiro speedrunner has already beaten the game in under an hour

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(Image credit: Steam user 54pkp)

Depending on your point of view, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is either a difficult videogame, or else it's easy and people who cannot complete it are scrubs. But I reckon no matter which side of that divide you fall on, the current speedrun record is impressive.

Twitch streamer danflesh111 has managed to complete an Any% run of game in under an hour. To be precise, they've finished it in 50 minutes and 52 seconds (50:52). Considering it took me 20 hours to clear the first major boss encounter, it's frankly baffling that people have managed to whittle the game down within the space of a week. This does opt for the ending that completes the game the fastest, but that hardly diminishes the feat.

Danflesh111's achievement is unlikely to hold for long though: there are plenty of people vying for the record, and even a relative amateur can see room for improvement in the run (embedded below). The playthrough will no doubt be finetuned ad infinitum over the coming months and years, and who knows: we might even see someone complete it with a Guitar Hero pad at some point. I have my fingers crossed for that.

Shaun Prescott
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