UK developer survey: 42 percent believe PC gaming's in "regression"

Well now, this is fairly upsetting. It's not, however, as upsetting as it should be. Develop 's posted the results of a "comprehensive" 80-studio survey, and among other things, 42 percent believe PC gaming's going downhill. That, in case you forgot the title of this website, is the bad news.

Really, though, the survey results seem less definitive and more, well, confused . Twenty-four percent think the mighty console empire's walls are about to come crashing down, but a presumably separate (with a few cases of multiple personality disorder perhaps thrown in) 32 percent think console business will improve over the next year. Similarly, 20 percent say PC gaming's on the up-and-up.

Unsurprisingly - given that their bandwagons are both full-to-bursting - mobile and social gaming were the only things to get the UK scene's nearly full vote of confidence. 89 and 88 percent, respectively, gave each an optimistic thumbs up. So, to summarize: The gaming industry's in a giant period of transition, but - hey, look - Angry Birds is doing pretty great, huh? Times are changing, but it's far too soon to say the sky is falling, if you ask me.