UK Christmas bonanza - Day 7: Win 3 months of Eve Online game time, Eve boardgame, poker deck and carrier bag

Eve Online competition

This is major Tom to ground control. Five sets of Eve Online prizes have been secured and are ready to be distributed to five lucky PC Gamer readers. The goods secured are of the highest quality. Repeat: highest quality, including three months of Eve Online game time, the Eve Online board game, a deck of poker cards and fine canvas carrier bag. Requesting permission to pose readers a question so that we can proceed with giving these great prizes away ASAP? Over.

This is ground control to major Tom. Roger that. Permission granted.

Three whole months of Eve Online game time is up for grabs. That's plenty of time to grow from being a rookie to a card carrying corporation member, cruising through the lawless regions of space in a spaceship bristling with cannons and bad attitude. Or maybe you'd rather set up your own mining emporium, or dabble in some corporate espionage. Whether you want to be a spy or a space pirate, Eve's universe offers plenty of opportunities to ruthless adventurers.

If you like your space operas to take place on a larger scale you'll likely enjoy the Eve Conquests board game . Two to four players can take control of one of Eve's major factions and battle with each other for control of the universe. With 400 sculpted game pieces and a huge game board that contains more than 60 areas to command, the Eve board game offers space strategy on a grand scale.

We won't be able to see Eve's characters wandering around space stations until next year's Incarna update, but until then we can imagine what immortal spacers get up to in their free time. I bet it involves seedy space station bars, a few tumblers of whiskey and long nights of poker. If Eve's characters were to play poker, they would play with this stylish deck of Eve Online cards . Each card is adorned with artwork depicting a different class of starship from the game.

This heavy duty Eve canvas carrier bag is almost rugged enough to survive the vacuum of space. It comes with plenty of pockets and its sizeable main compartments should be big enough for small laptops and netbooks, perfect if you're looking to do some gaming on the go.

Here's how to win. In Eve Online, spacers learn new skills just like we would. They buy books full of knowledge. This being the future, they then inject those books into their brains and absorb the knowledge over a day or so. Your task is to post in the comment thread below with a new skill book that you'd inject into your brain to help survive the universe of Eve Online. The funniest entries will scoop one of each of the above prizes, and remember, you must live in the UK to enter. Winners will be announced at midday tomorrow. We've got five sets to give away so get inventing.

We've got some great prizes lined up next week, with new competitions daily all the way up until Christmas day. Keep checking back for your chance to win.







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