Ugly is a 'twisted fairytale' puzzle platformer that's actually very pretty

A new trailer for Ugly appeared during today's Guerrilla Collective online showcase, giving us a fresh look at the "dark and twisted fairytale" puzzle platformer about a tormented nobleman forced to explore the deepest recesses of his mind in order to finally confront the trauma of his past.

Ugly uses a "mirror mechanic" that enables players to create and swap places with a reflection of the lead character in order to solve puzzles and navigate a world "full of secrets and awash in tragedy." Most puzzles have multiple solutions and each will add a new piece to the story when solved, but that's not your only problem in this place: You'll also need to overcome a range of "enormous bosses" to make your way to the end.

What really stands out for me, though, is the visual style. Ugly is anything but ugly: It's bright, colorful, bizarre, and looks like it would be a fun place, if not for all the sorrow and horror. At the very least, it promises to be a fascinating place to explore.

Ugly is currently set to come out sometime in 2023, and is up for wishlisting on Steam

Andy Chalk

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