Ubisoft is expanding The Division team

The Division turns 2 this week, though Manhattan seems no closer to being saved than it was when Ubisoft’s apocalyptic multiplayer shooter launched in 2016. While a month-long series of global events is seducing people back to its frozen streets, Ubisoft is also on the lookout for new blood to add to the team, advertising 25 positions in Massive Entertainment

Spotted by PCGamesN, the jobs include environmental artist and gameplay designer. While several of them have been up since last year, the search continues, with Massive Entertainment tweeting out a call for an environmental artist last Thursday.

The job descriptions don’t mention a sequel, but several mention “expanding” the game. Last year, managing director David Polfeldt said that he believed there’s room for The Division to continue beyond this game, and specifically called it “The Division 1”, implying that a sequel is at least is something Massive is thinking about. 

“I think it's a wonderful, wonderful brand that has so many potential stories in it,” Polfeldt said. “There are a lot of things that we didn't do in The Division 1 that are interesting to look at for that brand."

If you’re still playing, what would you like to see from a sequel or an expansion?

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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