Ubisoft fixes Might and Magic 10 DRM mess, it's back on sale with bonus DLC

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(Image credit: Ubisoft)

On June 1, Ubisoft pulled the plug on servers for Might and Magic 10 – Legacy, which had the unexpected side effect of rendering the game unplayable. This seemed to catch Ubisoft by surprise: After "investigating the reported issues" after they first began to surface, it elected to remove the game from sale completely while it tried to come up with a solution.

Based on a spate of negative Steam user reviews that followed, it seems that quite a number of players didn't expect Ubisoft to actually follow through. But today it announced that the problem is solved, and Might and Magic 10 – Legacy is back on sale on Steam.

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"Our teams have spent the last few months investigating and testing the different solutions to make sure players' experience lives up to our standards in terms of quality of service," the Ubisoft Support account tweeted. "Today, we're happy to announce that all conditions are met to bring the game back to the Ubisoft Store and Steam, and that new and returning players can now venture into the wide and mysterious world of Ashan again."

As an apology for the hassle, Ubisoft is also making The Falcon and the Unicorn DLC free for all owners of the base game.

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