Ubisoft confirms For Honor season pass, ranked play coming later this year

Ubisoft has revealed the details of the For Honor season pass, which were unofficially leaked last month, and include six new heroes and six "elite outfits" with which to customize them. Also part of the pass is the Day One War Pack, with three exclusive emblems, three "scavenger crates" that unlock additional gear, a sunbeam effect on emotes for all heroes, and 30 days of Champion Status that provides "XP boosts to friends, more XP from crafting, and additional end-match loot." 

The new heroes will be released in pairs at the start of each new season of the War of the Factions, seven days in advance of their public release. For players without the season pass, the new heroes will will unlockable with Steel, the in-game currency. The rest of the season pass content will be available on February 14, when the game launches.  

The season pass trailer also reveals that future free updates will open up new customization options for heroes, including new tiers, weapons, and armor. Two new maps will be added to the game with each new three-month season of the Faction War, and new gameplay modes are also on the way, including tournaments and ranked play. 

The For Honor season pass will be included with the Gold Edition of the game and will also be available for separate purchase. Pricing wasn't provided and at this particular moment there's no listing for it on Steam, but the Gold Edition is $100/£70/€90, while the standard release is $60/£40/€60.  

In case you'd forgotten, the For Honor open beta begins on February 9. You can catch up with our impressions of the recent closed beta right here.

Andy Chalk

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