Ubisoft begins teasing Rainbow Six Siege's new operators

Ubisoft has begun the ramp-up to Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season 2 with a Twitter tease asking a very simple question. Or is it? 

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I'm not a Siege player so I can't be 100 percent about it, but I think I see someone who's about to get seriously ganked. Fortunately, while the details of the presumed gankage are elusive, we already have a pretty good big-picture idea of what's coming. Ubisoft revealed in the Year 4 road map that the second season will see the addition of two new Rainbow Six Siege operators, one from the US and the other from Denmark; subsequent leaks indicated that the US operator will be a defender from the Secret Service with an optical device that's immune to the effects of flashbangs and smoke grenades, while the Danish attacker—maybe Jaeger Corps—is silent and invisible to cameras.

The teaser would seem to bear that out, with the ganker sneaking up on the hapless gankee like a murderous wind that blows unseen. And then, pow! Just like that, it was all over. Which may not be the most incisive analysis of an animated GIF you'll ever get, but I'm not the only one who's lookin' but not really seein':

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I love it when the brands come together. Catch up with everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season 2 so far right here.

Andy Chalk

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