Tyranny DLC Bastard's Wound due out this year

It looks like yesterday’s Tyranny tease was indeed for some new DLC. Today, Obsidian announced Bastard’s Wound, also the name of the region the DLC is set in. It’s due out later this year. 

“The Bastard's Wound region is all new to Tyranny, with a host of new quests, and new people to kill, betray, or befriend,” said Obsidian. “With this new expansion, we delve deeper into the mysteries of Terratus as players bring Kyros' justice (or their own version of it) to a new corner of the Tiers. In addition to the new region, Bastard's Wound gives players a chance to learn more about their companions in a trio of quests tied to key members of their traveling group.”

In the region of Bastard’s Wound, refugees hide from Kyros, the Overlord, and players will be able to determine their fate. Unfortunately for them, my character is a total arsehole, so things probably won’t go too well for these poor refugees. 

Before that, however, Obsidian is releasing an event pack called Tales from the Tiers, fattening up the base game with new encounters and stories. It will be accompanied by a free update that tweaks combats, skills and lets you retrain your character and companions, along with adding a New Game + mode. 

Tales from the Tiers and the free update will be available from today. 

Cheers, Polygon.

Fraser Brown
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