Two Worlds 2 to get tower defense spin-off: Castle Defense


Behind all the bombastic Dragon Age 2s and thuggish Witcher 2s, there's that reliable, low-key and likable fantasy sequel; you might know him as Two Worlds 2 . Now you can adventure on Antaloor in a whole new way: through the beloved, tried-and-true mini-game known as tower defense. Take a peek at what was once a demo, which proved to be so popular it was turned into a full-fledged game— Two Worlds 2: Castle Defense .

TopWare Interactive decided to release the game based solely on the overwhelmingly positive response to a demo level they released last year. The dev doesn't seem to be simply cashing-in on an established brand—TW2:CD will bridge the story gaps between the first and second installments in the series. TopWare says that the back story will offer more insight into "the conflict between Gandohar and the Orcs of Antaloor. Only now, [you'll] slip into the mighty boots of Gandohar himself and the fan favorite henchman, Sordahon." Sounds pretty cool for those in the know, as it's not often any thought gets put into a tower defense game's storyline.

TopWare Interactive has once again adhered to the fans of the franchise with this debut title, releasing it purely because of the amazing response to the free demo level of Castle Defense that was made available at the end of last year. Get ready to fend off waves of enemies on May 17th when TW2: Castle Defense is released, and don't forget to stock up on anti-orc arrows.