Two Worlds 2 Collector's Edition Giveaway x2 (US Only)

Two Worlds II PC Gamer disc screenshot

UPDATE: The winners have been picked. Congratulations to Bsik and VA1N. Thanks to all who entered.

You know, we aren't so different, you and I. When I have got a killstreak going, the last thing I want to do is get up to throw away my junk food trash--and I know you're the same way. So, over time, our desks get cluttered with computer parts, Mountain Dew cans, and Slim Jim wrappers. But when we clean them off, we discover treasures that would make the great pirates of yesteryear drool (and probably scratch their sweet pirate beards in confusion since they don't understand technology). Today is no exception. After removing stacks of papers we found two very rare Royal Editions of Two Worlds 2. And like true PC gaming saints, we're giving them away to you.

Back in our April 2011 issue, we gave fantasy RPG Two World's 2 an 82% because it vastly improved on the original by implementing a beautiful open world with great gameplay and characters. The game is also unique in that its collectors edition was one of the most expensive packages to be released for PC in a long time. Retailing at $150, it includes:

  • Hand-painted "Cassara" figurine
  • 55 playing cards
  • Art book
  • Textile-mousepad
  • Bonus content DVD with soundtrack
  • Double-sided Antaloor map poster
  • 4 exclusive in-game items

To enter, in the comments section below, tell us what your signature killing-move would be in this world. Would it be a gravity-defying roundhouse kick where your shoe flies off, hits the enemy, and flies back onto your foot? Or perhaps you'd sing Justin Beiber lyrics at your enemies until their heads explode (approximately four seconds)? Anything and everything is available (keep it clean though). The two most clever and original entries will be picked on Tuesday, May 24.