Two Point Hospital now has Workshop support and interior decorating

A free update has hit Two Point Hospital that lets hospital administrators finally add some custom touches to their rooms, including rugs, paintings, floors and walls. If you don't have time to make your own stunning wallpapers and awe-inspiring portraits, you can just download them from the Steam Workshop. If you do want to stretch your creative muscles, however, Two Point Studios has put together a quick video to get you started. Check it out above. 

Clicking on a room now will give you the option to look through a list of existing custom elements. To make something yourself, the process is thankfully hassle free. You can just add files from your hard drive in-game, add a cost and, if you fancy, a description, and that's you done. 

Adding custom pictures and rugs is a bit more involved, but still relatively painless. You need to select size and shape options first, but otherwise it's as simple as once again uploading an image and then adding it to the room you want to brighten up. Two Point Studios has provided some recommended image sizes, too. 

I've not visited my hospitals in a wee while, but they probably could do with a makeover. Not surprisingly, I plan to fill them with pictures of my dog. That should cheer up anyone on death's door. 

The interior designer update is out now and, conveniently, Two Point Hospital is 20 percent off for the Lunar New Year Sale. If you're on the fence, check out my Two Point Hospital review. It's a great management romp, even if you've not been pining for a new Theme Hospital. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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