Two Point Hospital gets surprise Bigfoot-themed DLC today

Hospital management simulation game Two Point Hospital gets its first DLC expansion today, called Bigfoot. As the trailer above illustrates, it features three new hospitals to sort out and 34 new illnesses to cure. It costs £7/$9.

Alongside those new challenges, you'll get a bunch of winter-themed items to outfit your hospitals with. In the fiction of Two Point Hospital, Bigfoot goes by the inconspicuous name Bartholomew F Yeti, and he's lobbying for better healthcare in his home of Pointy Mountains. The new hospitals include Underlook Hotel, which suggests something of a The Shining vibe—Sega says it's rife with lawsuits. There's another at a run-down research institute, and one more set around an aristocratic's fancy castle. 

New illnesses include Aurora Snorealis (at this time of day, in this part of the country, etc), Bard Flu, and Cold Shoulder, all of which sound better than the actual chest infection I caught last winter. The DLC should be out as you read this.

Here's what Fraser had to say about Two Point back when it was released this summer. "While Two Point Hospital does cover a lot of familiar territory, it doesn’t feel like it’s been rudely dragged out of the ‘90s. If you’ve been offering up stethoscopes to Hippocrates’ ghost for a new Theme Hospital, you’ll find it here; but if you’re not craving that fix of nostalgia, Two Points Studios’ spiritual successor will still keep you up to your elbows in corpses and icky illnesses until the wee hours of the morning."

Samuel Roberts
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