Two new videos of Fallen Earth's app [contest]

fallen earth app

With a few quick taps of the finger, an employee trapped in a video game-less office just crafted a rifle, placed a bid on an auction for machetes, and sent an message to his entire clan without ever having to launch the MMO and alert the company's IT police. Such are the possibilities that mobile applications like the Fallen Earth Companion App give to gamers who need a quick fix from their favorite MMO while at work.

Contest Update: We're giving lifetime access to the premium features of Fallen Earth's app to ten lucky readers! Details at the bottom of the post.

We've got two new exclusive tutorial videos for the app (the first video can be found here ). These latest videos detail how to use the auction house and how to communicate with other players currently playing on the Fallen Earth servers. We review the app in-depth in our January 2011 issue, which will be hitting subscribers in just a few weeks.

The app is available on the iPhone , Android , and Blackberry . To activate the premium version, users must go through the Fallen Earth website and purchase the the $9.99 app while logged in to their account. Learn more about the app here.

Contest: Want access to the premium features of Fallen Earth's app? Tell us in the comments below, if you were only allowed one weapon to take on the horrors of a post-apocalyptic landscape with, what trusty tool you'd take into the wasteland and why. Ten winners will be selected on Tuesday. The contest is open to everyone, but you must have a Fallen Earth account in order to win.