Fallen Earth Mobile Companion App updated

Fallen Earth recently launched a new version of its companion mobile app for Blackberry, Android, and Apple devices. The update added a lot of premium features, while making all of the previously paid-for features of the free-to-download app available at no cost. Staying in touch with your guildies, and maintaining production lines and social connections inside your favorite MMO while out and about is invaluable, and mobile apps like this are reason enough for any hardcore MMO gamer to have a smart phone or iPod touch. So far we've been impressed with this particular app's functionality. Expect a full diagnosis in the magazine and online soon, but for now, here's a breakdown of the features for potential buyers.

Features of the standard Fallen Earth Companion App include:

Paying $10 to unlock the premium features will also allow you to:

The devs over at Fallen Earth have provided a series of live tutorials covering all the new features of the Companion App. The first video in the series shows you have to craft items on your mobile device.

With the ability to access the in-game world from your mobile device, now you can efficiently allocate your time between crafting, auctioning, and socializing to your mobile device while freeing up more time for you to go out and kill the enemy factions.

The app is available on the iPhone , Android , and Blackberry . To activate the premium version, users must go through the Fallen Earth website and purchase the the $9.99 app while logged in to their account. Learn more about the app here .