Twitter is mercilessly dunking on Jump Force's terrible cutscenes

A Jump Force create-a-character from Youtuber Shirrako, of course named Waifu.

A Jump Force create-a-character from Youtuber Shirrako, of course named Waifu.

Jump Force is out on February 14, but fans who bought a special edition of the game got to start playing a couple days early. Footage of the mega manga crossover's story mode has started hitting Youtube and Twitter, and Jump Force is already getting a merciless skewering. Things aren't looking good, Goku.

Jump Force's chiseled clay aesthetic has been criticized since the game was revealed last year, especially with the gorgeous Dragon Ball FighterZ right there for comparison. But we're past that now. The target is firmly planted on the cutscenes in Jump Force's campaign, where characters stand rigidly still and look less animated, more reanimated as shambling doll-like corpses.

When they're even animated.

Gripping drama.

Bad guys seem to frequently float straight up into the sky like they're being lifted by a wire and don't even try to look like they're flying.

Combat in Jump Force might be rad, but those cutscenes? Ouch. You can follow the Twitter hashtag for more bizarre create-a-character faces and animation goofs. And some pretty cool gifs of anime dudes punching each other real fast.

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