Twitch introduces royalty free music library

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Last year, streaming site Twitch made the decision to mute unauthorised third-party audio (opens in new tab) from their saved VODs. That big Taylor Swift-fuelled Dota 2 karaoke stream? Its replay video is going to be a lot quieter than you remember.

For those still desperate to blast music over their Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing speedruns, Twitch has now introduced a new royalty free Music Library (opens in new tab). I've already checked. Sandstorm isn't there.

Instead, you can find over 500 songs deemed safe for use during streams. You can find details of how the system works over at the Twitch Music FAQ (opens in new tab).

In addition, Twitch is launching dedicated music streams onto its service. You can find the current crop through the Twitch Music beta page (opens in new tab). If you need a fun distraction, see how many clicks it takes to arrive at random dubstep.

Phil Savage

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