Twin Mirror, Dontnod's next narrative game, explores film noir roots in dev diary

Revealed ahead of E3, Twin Mirror is a 'story-driven investigation game' from Life is Strange studio Dontnod. Its latest developer diary explores its film noir roots, and the dark and emotional choices you'll inevitably force protagonist Samuel Higgs to make.

The above, titled 'A Place for a Thriller', is the first of three developer diaries which aim to explore Twin Mirror's roots and inspirations. This one examines the game's "rustic" Basswood setting and investigative reporter Higgs' ties to the place he calls home. 

Within, narrative producer Helene Henry says: "There are certain elements of the game that echo film noir. It's about a hero who is adrift, helpless, and at the mercy of a complex situation not entirely of his own making, and who will struggle to the best of his abilities, and that's where the player steps in."

Lead writer Matthew Ritter adds: "To me a noir story is a story about people, it's about characters interacting with each other in a very intimate and emotional way, and how that can get very dark sometimes. People always think that their lives are always fated to go in one direction, and it's about the fact that choices they make are what make bad things happen. Twin Mirror is very much about that."

Fancy that? Look out for part two of Twin Mirrors dev diary series in the coming weeks. It's full release is expected some point next year.