Tweak Brink's FOV, mouse settings and more with Brink Config 1.4

Brink Thumbnail

Brink isn't a bare-bones console port, but it's not the most accommodating of PC games either, lacking in Field Of Vision settings and lots of the options we love to tweak. Brink Config 1.4 lets you to fiddle with lots of settings you couldn't previously. Lovely.

Click more for the full list of features and to download Brink Config.

Get the tool here .

  • Crouch Toggle

  • Zoom Toggle

  • Raw Mouse Input

  • Mouse Sensitivity

  • Mouse smoothing

  • Mouse invert

  • Allow Console

  • Machine Spec

  • FOV

  • Fullscreen

  • Custom resolution width

  • Custom resolution height

  • Show FPS

  • Motion Blur

  • Anti Aliasing

  • Anisotropy

  • Texture Filtering

  • Shadows

  • HBAO

  • Soft Particles

  • Gamma

  • Brightness

  • Post Processing

  • Portals

  • Optimized Shadows

  • Sound Occlusion

  • Number of speakers

  • Sprint Toggle

  • View Effects

  • Skip Intro

  • Skip Particles

  • Refresh Rate

  • Threaded Renderer

  • Decals

  • View Distance

  • Enemy Tint Enabled

Seeing as we're in the UK, we're still having issues installing Brink in the first place. In fact, we still can't see it on Steam, which makes us extremely sad. To whoever is responsible for this: please fix. Preferably by lunchtime.