Turtle Rock Studios seeks Evolve alpha testers

Turtle Rock Studios is very quietly seeking participants for an alpha test of its upcoming online shooter Evolve . There are some relatively tight restrictions on who will be let in but if you have a PC that can run the game and live in mainland North America, you might be one of the lucky ones.

Head on over to this particular part of the 2K Games website and you'll be greeted with a message saying, "This survey requires a password." It is perhaps a tad confusing, but fortunately Turtle Rock Community Manager Jess Damerst was generous enough to share the secret on Twitter : It's a link to the Evolve alpha test signup page, and the password it demands is "happyhunting." (You'll also need a referral: "JoinTheHunt.")

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An image included in the tweet says successful applicants must have a PC that can run Evolve, a functioning Steam account, "be able to support a large coordinated user test of the game" and live in mainland North America. A survey will be required prior to admittance, and anyone who gets in must also "agree to a strict Game Demo Participant Agreement and not discuss or disclose anything about the test."

Turtle Rock says it hopes to have a full list of participants by July 5 so if you want to try your hand at monster hunting, or just monstering, you should probably act with some haste. Evolve is currently scheduled for release on October 21.

Andy Chalk

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