Truck Simulator studio starts video series about 'legendary' truck makers in an act of truckception

Two men standing in front of a big truck and smiling.
(Image credit: SCS Software)

Damn son, does SCS Software love a truck. The venerable Czech studio is best-known for its various Truck Simulator games, the incredible success of which has led to the studio expanding and becoming almost a Truck Simulator studio. But that's OK because, if there's one thing that SCS and its players love, it's a good old reliable truck.

How much do the players of this game like trucks? Enough that actual truck companies now pay SCS money to try and recruit in-game truckers into real-world operations. They can't get enough of trucks; they'd take one to bed if they could. And SCS has decided to lean right into this with its latest project, a newly launched series called SCS On The Road, in which its developers visit truck makers and their facilities, both learning information that will be used in the games and sharing the behind-the-scenes experience with an audience that has probably dreamed of this moment.

The first episode visits the "legendary" Scania demo centre in Södertälje, Sweden. Scania is one of the largest designers and manufacturers of commercial vehicles worldwide, particularly trucks, and this being the first company SCS did something with isn't surprising: it made an entire game dedicated to Scania vehicles.

The episode sees two SCS employees visit Scania, get a brief introduction to the facility and its purpose, check out some trucks and, of course, driving trucks.

What's magical about this video is when SCS's Oscar finally gets into the cab of one of these bad boys and, under firm but fair instruction from a Swedish lady, takes a Scania Super 560s for a test drive. As the vehicle gets out on the track the rock music kicks in, before we're treated to a lovingly crafted series of interior and exterior shots of the truck and complex. Yes, this is heavy vehicle heaven, where the most badass thing in the world a big truck.

SCS says it has a few more episodes incoming and will make more and be responsive to any feedback on the series. The feedback so far, judging from the Youtube comments, is that a lot of people love seeing a manufacturer's latest showpiece truck getting driven around. This studio and its community just cannot get enough trucks. It's lovely to see.

Rich Stanton

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