Fortnite item shop: Get rezzed with the Tron skin

fortnite tron skin
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Fortnite season 5 is rolling along, and while we're supposedly focusing on the world's greatest hunters as the theme, Epic is kind of going off the rails with a few recent special skins. Epic has officially released a new skin based on Tron, the 1982 CG spectacle that also happened to have a pretty OK sequel with an extremely good soundtrack. 

There's a few extra cosmetics to go along with the set, which is all the right kind of blue and black neon aesthetic that defined that digital universe. Take a look below.

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Similar to previous gender-neutral skins, both male and female Tron skins get a few different skin tone variants you can pick from. Each also lets you switch between helmet on or helmet off. The male version has the classic visor that you'd recognize from Tron, but the female version is more of a full-face mask, which is more of a Tron Legacy look.

Most importantly: You can get the Identity Disc as a harvesting tool (and back bling), which is arguably the most inventive variation of the pickaxe we've received in... well, ever since they introduced dual-wield hand axes.

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You can't purchase the Identity Disc alone, but it is included with every skin, which all cost 1,500 V-bucks.

There's also the totally awesome Light Cycle glider, which not only materializes out of digital air, but also leaves a giant blue streak of light in its wake. That will cost you a slightly less daunting 800 V-bucks. Strangely, it appears players will ride the glider surfboard style, like season two's Bomb's Away glider. It sucks that we can't ride it like, you know, a Light Cycle, but oh well.

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Unfortunately there's no bundle to get all cosmetics at once, so if you want to buy them all it'll cost you 2,300 V-bucks.

All in all, they're pretty darn good skins for the price. The Tron look has remained a recognizable style for decades—emulated, but rarely innovated on, even in previous Fortnite skins. Frankly, I'm just excited to tear down walls and shrubs with a rad blue disc rather than a comically large mining tool.

What you do you think of the Tron skin? It doesn't really go with the season's hunter theme, but it seems like it might be more popular already than the Terminator skin that dropped a little over a week ago.

Nevertheless, we'll always have the greatest soundtrack ever.

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