Tribes: Ascend Staying Alive update adds sticky grenades, disco Brute

Hi-Rez have released a video showcasing the next update for Tribes: Ascend. The Staying Alive update focuses on the Brute heavy class and adds three new weapons. The new primary is the Gladiator, a grenade launcher that fires sticky projectiles. There's also a Plasma Cannon secondary weapon that works like the Plasma Gun from the Raid & Pillage update , and the Survival Pack, which increases run speed and energy regeneration.

The update also adds new video features, allowing certain YouTube videos and e-sports streams to be watched within the game itself. Hopefully, this will bring competitive tribes - both the very good and the not-so-much - to a wider audience.

Tribes: Ascend is one of this year's pleasant surprises. Check out our review for why you should be playing it.

Chris Thursten

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