Trials Rising release date announced, closed beta coming in September

Ubisoft has announced that a closed beta for Trials Rising, the latest addition to the 2.5D motocross racing/platformer series, will run from September 13-16, ahead of a release scheduled for February 12.  

Trials Rising riders will compete for fame and glory in exotic locales including "eminently rideable versions of the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China." New "Stadium Finals" events will feature three-heat competitions between eight players, with competitors eliminated in each round until only one remains. Leaderboards will notify you when a friend beats your high score, and you can also ride with your pals on tandem bikes—two players controlling one bike, which I'm sure will go smoothly—in local co-op play. 

If you want to give the beta a shot, you can sign up for access at If you're already sold, you can preorder the game, in either a standard or a Gold edition that comes with the expansion pass, at the Ubisoft Store. And if you have no idea what Trials Rising is and want to lay eyes on some gameplay before you commit yourself either way, Ubisoft has a Let's Play video for your viewing pleasure down below. 

Andy Chalk

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