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Triad Wars is an "open world action strategy" game coming exclusively to PC

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As promised , United Front Games has today released details for Triad Wars , the long promised follow-up to Sleeping Dogs . According to the video embedded below, Triad Wars is a "living, breathing" "open-world action strategy" game set in Hong Kong, coming exclusively to PC. Rather than focus on Sleeping Dogs protagonist Wei Shen, the online game will more closely resemble a traditional MMO, with players responsible for establishing their own turf, finding a niche in the underworld, and hopefully fighting to take other gangs' turf.

According to one talking head in the video below, the ever-evolving world may evolve into a completely different game over the course of two years. TriadWarsZ, maybe? The gameplay will vary depending on how you choose to play: for example, players are free to choose which area of criminality they would like to specialise in, with smuggling and counterfeiting two options mentioned below. Meanwhile, the combat in Sleeping Dogs will apparently feature in Triad Wars.

Triad Wars is expected to release in early 2015, though closed beta registrations are available right now . The video below will give you the full rundown.

Shaun Prescott
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