Transport Fever set to bring the meticulous planning heat this fall

Transport fever

For me, the term 'trainspotting' will always conjure images of Ewan McGregor diving headlong into a public toilet in which the worst sort of dirty protest has occurred. Which is a shame, as there's a quiet nobility to the pastime, which I hope will be captured in Transport Fever from Urban Games, the follow up to Train Fever.

Billed as a "next generation transport simulation game", Transport Fever is due on PC this fall. Players will be tasked with building roads, railway lines, airports, stations and harbours, as they strive to construct thriving inter-city infrastructures.

In doing so, you'll have over 120 transport options at your disposal in the form of various planes, trains, automobiles, ships, buses, trams... Oh screw it, let's have a look at the game's announcement trailer:

As is sort-of teased there, Transport Fever will include a campaign mode that'll tackle historically-inspired missions set across Europe and North America. "Extensive" modding support is also planned via the Steam Workshop, which should fit well with the game's endless mode.

"All of this adds up to make Transport Fever the next generation of transport simulation games," says Urban Games. "[This] helps it to represent the next step forward in the genre that the beloved Transport Tycoon series breathed life into so many years ago."

Transport Fever is due for release this fall. I am already hot under the collar.