Trackmania releases three new demos to celebrate ten years of going really fast

How time flies when you're in a race car flying through improbable loops and smashing into things. Speaking of which, Trackmania is turning ten years old next month. To celebrate, developer Nadeo is releasing free demos of Trackmania 2 : Valley, Stadium and Canyon. If you've never tried the insanity that is a Trackmania race, head over to the Maniaplanet website to download.

Trackmania specializes in allowing, and encouraging, the construction of absurd, physics-bending tracks within a themed environment. We generally liked Canyons when it was released in 2012, and this year Nadeo unleashed the Valley and Stadium expansions upon players.

All three of Trackmania 2's incarnations are available on Steam, and for the next few days they're on sale for 50% off. I recommend that you check them out if you haven't played a racing game in a while.