Trackmania Nations is getting a live service remake

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Trackmania, Ubisoft's hectic racing series, is coming back for another lap. The next addition to the series is a remake of 2006's Trackmania Nations, a free-to-play spin-off that was fuelled by in-game adverts. The original is still available on Steam, but the remake will apparently include new features, like the seasonal campaign and extra custom track options. 

The first Trackmania Nations boasted plenty of solo tracks, multiplayer modes and custom creations, but Nadeo found that in most games players rush through the campaign and then never pick it up again. According to managing director Florent Castelnerac, the new seasonal setup is a response to that. 

Expect a regular official campaign designed by Nadeo and a daily track selection picked from player-submitted maps, along with regular updates and new customisation options and features arriving with future seasons. 

Racers will be able to duke it out in friendly casual competitions, as well as daily and weekly races. Nadeo also plans to run a bunch of different cups, as well as an international pro-level league, an open league and seasonal campaign rankings.

While some players might bounce off it after the campaign, Trackmania's managed to keep a lot of them around thanks to the track creator. This time around, Trackmania Nations' creator has been upgraded with new physical surfaces, as well as blocks that can modify car behaviour, including a slow motion block.

Despite the new additions, Ubisoft Nadeo is still keeping the fundamentals simple. The four-arrow control scheme is being maintained, while Nadeo is hoping that being able to race their ghosts will help players improve their racing skills. And since Trackmania is all about high-speed, acrobatic racing, players will conveniently maintain their velocity when they respawn at checkpoints. 

There's no word on a release date yet. 

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