Trackmania 2: Canyon release date confirmed

Trackmania 2 - flyin' cars

Yesterday we mentioned the fast approaching Trackmania 2: Canyon multiplayer beta, now CVG have spotted a firm release date on the Ubisoft shop. Trackmania 2: Canyon will be out on Septermber 14. It'll cost $24.99 / £19.99. The full version ships with a level editor that will let you make your own impossible tracks, and the "mediatracker" which will let racers edit videos from race footage. RPS point out that Nadeo have said that a Trackmania 2: Canyon Steam release is still "unconfirmed."

You can read more about the developers and the story behind the development of Trackmania, and their other projects, Shootmania and Questmania in our feature on the future of Nadeo , or sit back and watch Trackmania 2: Canyon in action .

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