Tower of Fantasy has cut down on server queue times, promises unnamed 'punishments' for cheaters

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The hot new gacha game of the minute Tower of Fantasy garnered enough interest during its launch last week to give players the traditional warm welcome of lengthy server queues with a special side of cursed graphical glitches. Hotta Studio is now keeping players informed with bug fix reports, including server cap increases that should help cut down on those queues this week.

"We have received a large number of Wanderers' feedback and suggestions since the official launch, and we are now working to address the problems that you encountered," Hotta Studio says in its post on Tuesday.

The main improvements for players who'd just like to get into the game are server cap increases and "and improvement of server recommendation logic." Hotta Studio doesn't break down the numbers, but the longest queue I spotted was on the European server Anomora with a one hour 45 minute wait time. That's another improvement that's been made—accuracy of the queue time estimates. Both of those changes have been made on PC and are incoming for mobile players.

Also on the upcoming fixes list is "Improvement of the game’s anti-cheat mechanism, and the announcement regarding the first batch of Wanderers caught using cheats along with their punishments." (It is amusing to hear a developer use the word "punishments" so nonchalantly in its official communiqués.) Blank error popup windows which appear to still be stymying mobile players, are also on the to-fix list, Hotta says.

You can keep up with more of Hotta's dev reports on its website or in the launcher as additional changes are made.

As for whether it's actually worth picking up, fellow PC Gamer editor Tyler Colp has tried Tower of Fantasy out and dubbed it a messy Genshin Impact. If you are finding it to your liking though, make sure to snap up these Tower of Fantasy codes for free currency.

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