Total War: Warhammer 2 is 'in the works', and new historical Total War in the pipeline

Since launch last March, The Creative Assembly and Sega's Total War: Warhammer has released an impressive number of free updates and premium DLC. Today, its eighth playable race—Bretonnia—makes its debut, as does its Old World Edition. The devs have now also confirmed work on its sequel "has been underway for some time".

In praise of the "strength" of the turn-based strategy game's DLC, brand director Rob Bartholomew suggests this puts The Creative Assembly in a good place while planning the Total War/Warhammer collaboration's second and third games.  

"We want to make the most incredible fantasy trilogy possible," he says. "And with Bretonnia, we’re bringing our time in the Old World to a close. Production on the sequel to Total War: Warhammer has been underway for some time already and is now a key focus for the studio. It’s time to travel to new lands and discover new races."

What this involves remains to be seen—expect more in the coming months—however here's the new Conquer the Old World trailer: 

As for Total War, it seems work on the next instalment is also underway. Bartholomew continues: "Meanwhile, our historical team are also working on a major triple-A title in an era we’ve not visited yet. Over 1.2 million people play Total War every month, with the majority playing our previous games. We haven’t forgotten that."

All of which sounds pretty promising. Over to you guys, then: what would you like to see the second Total War: Warhammer include, and which era would you like to see the next Total War set within? Let us know in the comments south of here.