Torment X Punisher gameplay trailer showcases over-the-top demon-murdering action

Tormentor X Punisher is "a brutal, top-down twin stick shooter where the goal is to survive and get the highest of scores." Everything in the game has but one hit point, and thus dies with a single hit—including you, which is something of a drawback. On the upside, it keeps things simple: Kill fast, because you're going to die soon.   

This is the first gameplay trailer released for Tormentor X Punisher, and it is definitely not subtle. Neither is the description on Steam. "Kill, destroy, fuck up demons, rack up combos, get upgrades for unique kills, and survive the onslaught from the brutal vile bosses," it says. "Fire your machine gun and reload by firing your shotgun. Yeah you read that right." 

Along with the over-the-top gameplay, Tormentor X Punisher will offer leaderboards, an "eardrum-rupturing original soundtrack," and—something that hasn't previously been mentioned—local co-op play. It's expected to be out sometime within the new few months, and until then you can see more at

Andy Chalk

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