Today's Diablo 4 miracle is this player-made chart that tells you where the gear you want is most likely to drop

Monsters up to no good in Diablo 4 art.
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Of the many injustices blighting our world, the worst is this: I still can't find any decent pants in Diablo 4. Try as I might, I just can't seem to trigger whatever obscure function it is that will make the game spit out some trousers that match the rest of my outfit. Well, maybe I don't have to worry any longer, because an enterprising soul on Reddit has put together a handy chart to help you zero-in on the enemies and locations that will drop the loot you actually want.

Quick Chart for Focused Farming from r/diablo4

Spotted by GamesRadar, the Quick Chart for Focused Farming is a tool made by Reddit user Nearby-Pop-9222, and it aims to break down the who, what and where of how the game doles out its loot. So, for example, if I were on the hunt for Druid staves, I'd know to focus on the Fallen in Demon's Wake, although that area's "B" ranking means it's not quite as easy to grind in as somewhere ranked "A" or "S".

It's honestly a godsend. Throughout so much of my time playing Diablo 4, I've hacked away at enemies just vaguely hoping they spit out loot I actually care about when I die. Even on my unending quest for pants, my strategy hasn't really evolved beyond walking to the nearest cluster of enemies, hitting them, and hoping for the best. It hasn't worked, unsurprisingly. Now I know I should be directing my efforts at the Drowned enemies in the Ruins of Eridu.

It's important to note that this is the work of one user, who has mostly just collated the data and experiences of other players across the Diablo 4 meta into a handy chart. "Others did the legwork," said Nearby-Pop-9222, "I only went through, wished the basics were all in a single place, figured majority of players probably would feel the same, so I collected as much as I could and did what comes natural to me: documents and spreadsheets".

That also means that some of the data the chart relies on might be a little skewed. In the post describing the chart and its aims, Nearby-Pop-9222 remarked that some monsters are reputed to have a 500% higher chance of dropping certain items. Other players have noted that number seems very unlikely. Still, it appears that the basic gist of the chart—these enemies and locations have a higher chance of dropping these items—is accurate even if the chance is only modestly higher.

Users on the Diablo 4 subreddit have been quick to shower the chart's maker with praise. "This is one of those charts you post on your discord and then promptly pin the picture to the relevant channel," said a player named preyforkevin, while one named IceFire909 said, "This is fuckin great, I didn't even know enemies had a focus on particular slot items!" Me neither, IceFire909, me neither.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to fulfil a long-held dream (of build-appropriate pants).

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