To smash industry and restore nature, all you need is a cute bear with a big axe

The natural world is under siege from a megacorporation named Evil Works—really, the shareholders should have been tipped off by the name—and the only thing standing in the way of all the industrial pollution pouring into the woods is a bear named Jack.

Jack, luckily, has help from his woodland friends. Perhaps more importantly, Jack has a really big axe. To keep his rivers clean and forest healthy, Jack is going to smash the ever-living hell out of stuff. Machinery, equipment, vehicles, factories—anything man-made has got to go to restore the balance of nature. 

It looks incredibly cathartic to take an axe to harmful industrial machines, but Lumbearjack isn't just a bunch of mindless smashing. There are also puzzles to solve as you rescue other woodland critters from the threat of pollution and industrialization. And as destructive as Jack is, he's not as wasteful as humans are. You can recycle the stuff you smash to upgrade your bear's chopping powers. There are a bunch of cute outfits you can unlock to keep Jack in style, too, as he smashes and crashes through the factories encroaching on his territory.

Check out the new trailer for Lumbearjack above, but you don't have to stop there. Lumbearjack just released on Steam, so you can get smashing right now.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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