Titanfall beta is coming to PC, may start February 14th

Respawn will be running a Titanfall beta test on PC and Xbox One, according to Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella, who promises more details soon. "#supersecret announcement time," Zampella tweeted earlier today. "I'm sure no one has been able to guess from the leaks. PC and XboxOne Beta! Details in the coming days."

The leak Zampella refers to came from a French retailer which is advertising a February 14th through 19th beta, as reported by Xboxygen and noticed by NeoGAF . Apparently, the beta will be exclusive to those who preordered Titanfall from Micromania in France and GameStop in the US.

An Origin pre-order would be a more sensible entry condition for PC players, but since Zampella's tweet, Respawn hasn't elaborated on the beta news, used any more inexplicable hashtags, or confirmed any of the information out of France aside from the beta's existence.

EA reminds us that Respawn is performing a "limited technical test" on Xbox One, which is not the beta, and says it has no news on the beta right now.

Titanfall releases March 11—have a look at all our recent coverage for more, including video from the technical test .

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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