Titanfall alpha footage appears online, may not be around for long

This morning, the internet was assaulted with illicit videos of sexy robots. No, it's not what you think. It's Titanfall footage, taken from Respawn's currently running limited technical test. As part of their not-a-beta , select Xbox One players have been given the chance to wall-run and jet-boost around the game. And a few of those testers have sneakily uploaded their sessions for all to see. At least, for all who get there before the inevitable removal to see.

Assuming the above embeds have video footage (and not that of TF2's engineer saying "nope" ), then you'll have a pretty good idea of how Titanfall rounds can play out. It's certainly a game from the people who created the Modern Warfare series, with a similar focus on quick bursts of gunplay. Here, though, we also get an impressive amount of manoeuvrability throughout the map, and the chance to call in big stompy mechs, to gun and/or punch things with.

Will it be enough to keep a familiar formula fresh. From the reports of people who've played the game - including our own Tom Senior, who went hands-on with it at Gamescom last year - it sounds like it might. We'll get a more definite answer when the game's released in March.

Phil Savage

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