Titanfall 2 will improve matchmaking system and server hosting, says developer

During his hands-on at E3 last month, Samuel enjoyed getting to grips with Titanfall 2’s new toys—not least the new grappling hook—so much so that he queued four times for its opening showing. In the run up to its October 28 release, developer Respawn Entertainment has now launched a video series which will explore the behind-the-scenes elements of the game, and asks players to suggest what the run of shorts should cover.

“This is for the more hardcore fans out there,” says game producer Drew McCoy in the Inside Development introductory short featured above. “These are not marketing speak, this isn’t anything other than actual game developers telling you how we’re doing our job. If you have anything you’d like us to cover, let us know.”

For now, McCoy explains that he and his team learned a lot from the original Titanfall and as such the series will cover things like how server hosting in the sequel has changed, how its matchmaking systems have been tweaked—so as to “find better games quicker”—and how a new feature named 'Networks' will make the process of grouping together with friends easier. 

Titanfall 2 isn't due to launch until October 28, however Sam’s interview with lead engineer Jon Shiring makes for good interim reading.