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This Witcher 3 quest mod ties up one of its loose ends

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The Blood and Wine expansion finishes off The Witcher 3 in a satisfying way, leaving Geralt to enjoy his semi-retirement in a Toussaint winery. But there are always loose ends, and a quest mod called A Night to Remember (opens in new tab) aims to tie up one of them.

Remember Orianna? Spoilers for the events of Blood and Wine, which you'll need to have finished if you want to play A Night to Remember: she's the vampire Geralt uncovers and then spares, vowing that if he ever sees her again he'll finish what he started. That's the story this quest mod tells, complete with "new writing, cutscenes, voice acting, assets, a special reward, and some difficult decisions" according to its description.

The voice acting includes newly recorded voices for several characters, a lot of repurposed dialogue from the game (including a fair few of Geralt's lines), and some parts of of the launch cinematic also called A Night to Remember (opens in new tab), which inspired this mod.

Mod creator nikich340 recommends players be level 50 for a "comfort walkthrough", and suggests turning off depth of field to prevent the new scenes looking blurry. You'll find full installation instructions at NexusMods (opens in new tab).

If you'd also like to get your game looking prettier, tweak the UI, or just add the ability to jump in shallow water, here are the best Witcher 3 mods.

Jody Macgregor
Jody Macgregor

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