This Witcher 3 mod brings Dark Souls difficulty to Novigrad

Winner of our Best Singleplayer of 2015 award, Andy once described The Witcher 3 as “one of the best RPGs” he’d ever played. I’d struggle to argue with that, and its subsequent official expansions—Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine—have only served to improve upon an already fantastic game. An ever-expanding list of unofficial user-made mods has pushed the boundaries of what this game has to offer further still, the latest of which to catch our eye is Reaperrz’s Enhanced Edition overhaul. 

While rumours of an official Enhanced Edition were quashed by CD Projekt Red back in January, the developer recently confirmed a Game of the Year iteration is in the works. The Enhanced Edition mod is independent of both, but alters things like the game's default stats and abilities, meditation and alchemy settings, equipment weight and durability, and talent caps and levelling, among a number of other things. The mod also makes significant changes to the game’s combat and damage systems and modifiers—a new “Hardcore Enemies” setting, for example, lifts foes 11 levels above the player. Yikes. 

The list of changes the mod makes is pretty exhaustive—full details of which can be found via its Nexus page. If you're interested, you might also fancy checking out YouTube person Origier does Gaming’s extensive overview, which details everything from installation instructions to how said changes affect your game. 

Thanks, VG24/7.