This week's winners

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Welcome to this week's winners , where we round up the results of our most recent competitions. If you've entered anything recently be sure to check inside to see if you've won. Remember, if we don't hear from you for three weeks we will give your prize to someone else .

Check inside for the latest results.

Before we begin, a quick note to those of you entering the competitions; downvoting other comments will not help you win . We read every single comment before deciding who has won, so forcing other entries to the bottom won't help your chances.

Paradox Interactive giveaway

We had a selection of Steam codes for Paradox Interactive games to give away, so we asked you what you would quest for if you were one of King Arthur's knights. Congratulations to winners killorabbit; polynils; rsmonster; iSquirrel; Fos4us, 0regano; Excerpt; Kiedae; Geth; blackriderrom, MrEvilRobot, RwCC, Penguin, Zenrir, pickleofdoom, CommunistFish, eoinrade, Myinate, BlueOrange, Ulthrad, ghostman, Andelion, GangsterElf, Syngene,Ciaran54, Toxic Teabag, thisisnotsafe, Jonax, Bowmangr, Sebta and Mah Bucket .

Message Tom Hatfield on the forums to claim your prize. Simply rank the games (Magicka, King Arthur, Sword of the Stars) in order of preference and we will send you a code. We have enough for everyone, but the best way to secure the game you want most is respond quickly.