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This week's new Epic Games Store freebie gets a last minute swap

Dungeons 3
(Image credit: Kalypso Media)

Last week the Epic Games Store announced Wargame: Red Dragon as one of its new free games for the week starting November 5. But due to a "temporary delay" that's been put on the backburner: now you'll be able to grab Dungeons 3.

That's good news if you're after a modern take on Dungeon Keeper, with a smattering of real-time strategy. Studio Realmforge reckons it's "the biggest, best and evil-est dungeon sim yet," and just quietly, claiming that something is the "evil-est" in its style is pretty effective marketing (at least for me). 

The game features 20 missions and a cooperative mode, so you can command your evil denizens in the company of a friend. These underlings include orcs, succubae and zombies, among many others. 

As for Wargame: Red Dragon, expect that to go free further down the line. It's a 2014 RTS that pits (wait for it) Western forces against the Communist bloc.

The Epic Games Store free games list keeps growing—at the moment you can pick up Blair Witch and Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered.

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