This week's Far Cry 5 live event can net you a shovel gun

Another week, another Far Cry 5 live event, and this one has a particularly goofy reward: a rocket launcher that distributes shovels instead of explosives. Once you've opted in for the event, which is called White Collar Job, go on the hunt for wolves using a bow and arrow. When you've bagged ten of them—and those can include Jacob's Judges (which are wolves but meaner)—you'll receive the Shovel Launcher. The short video above from YouTuber Fabian Bonk demonstrate it nicely.

We've already celebrated Far Cry 5's shovel, the best weapon in the game, because it's ridiculously powerful, capable of impaling enemies and vehicles, and because you can carry around nine of them at a time. The Shovel Launcher gives you a new way to fling them around, though I personally prefer throwing them like javelins to firing them out of a gun. It just feels more satisfying, I think, to use arm-power to nail some cultist to a tree instead of relying on hardware to do it for you. Really, though, there's no bad way to deliver a high-speed shovel.

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Christopher Livingston
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