This War of Mine's final update adds a new character, scenario, and remastered graphics

It's been five years since the launch of 11 Bit Studios' grim survival game This War of Mine, and to mark the anniversary the studio has released one last major content update. This War of Mine: Final Cut adds a new character and scenario to the game, incorporates all locations from the This War of Mine: Stories DLC into the base game, and adds new quests and events based on Stories locations.

Along with expanding the narrative, the update also overhauls the interface with 4K "adjustments," remasters all the classics levels, adds support for 21:9 displays, and makes "additional smaller bugfixes and tweaks." Players who prefer the old school approach will also be able to play in its "vanilla" format, as it was in 2014, as a beta option in the game's Steam properties.

"We think of the Final Cut as a closing episode to the one-of-a-kind series This War of Mine has been. It will remain precious to our hearts and I don’t know what ideas the future will bring but Final Cut is final by no means," art director Przemyslaw Marszał said. "The creative minds in our studio, who were with the game up to this point, started to pursue new challenges. So we're excited about what's coming."

While this is presumably the last major content update for This War of Mine (although plans can change), 11 Bit said that "all major bugs will be still fixed and This War of Mine will be supported by our technical and engine teams."

This War of Mine: Final Cut is also on sale for $5—75 percent off the regular price—on Steam, GOG, and Humble until November 16.

Andy Chalk

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