This War of Mine invites you resolve existential questions in new DLC

This War of Mine, 11 bit Studios' haunting survival management game, isn't done with its grim warzone stories and distressing morality tests. A third piece of narrative-driven DLC is heading our way, promising another gloomy scenario and some big existential quandaries. 

Fading Embers tells the story of Anja, trapped in a warzone and stuck carrying a heaven burden. 11 bit is keeping quiet about the details but says she'll be wrestling with a big question about what's more important—human life or the legacy we leave behind. Heavy stuff! 

"The latest This War of Mine story focuses on choices that can lead to multiple endings," says lead artist Tomasz Kisilewicz. "These branches were necessary to help address the overarching question of what has the bigger value—things made by men that outlast life or the life of a man itself. When you think about it, humans stand against the destructive power of war not only to save themselves but also to save what entire generations have created."

It sounds a wee bit highfalutin, but This War of Mine typically manages to be fairly grounded, focusing on people even when it's dealing with big conundrums and the ethics of survival. 

Fading Empires is due out on August 6.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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