This War of Mine gets revamped Scenario Editor, modding tools forthcoming

This War Of Mine

Fans of oppressively miserable survival games rejoice, because creating diabolical scenarios in This War of Mine is now a lot easier. The recently rolled out patch 1.4 has implemented Steam Workshop support, allowing users to share the scenarios they create in the game's editor. That editor has been updated as well, with "more diverse" characters. More details on that in the video below.

Interestingly, 11 Bit Studios is also working on modding tools, which the spokesperson says will offer "lots of new possibilities" for creating stories in the game. In the meantime, it's worth browsing what's already on the Workshop using the built-in editor, including this Gabe Newell mod. It was inevitable, but boy was that quick.

If you've not played This War of Mine yet, you should. "A stark statement about war delivered through deftly designed stealth survival and resource management. Important, but unrelentingly cruel," Tamoor Hussain wrote in his review.

Shaun Prescott

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