This streamer is playing Jump King, except every wrong move drops him into a dunk tank

Dunk King
(Image credit: KeatDawg / Nexile)

It's notoriously hard to cut through the noise on Twitch: for every million-sub streamer, there are tens of thousands of aspiring streamers with almost no views. Streamer KeatDawg has come up with a good way to get attention, though: self-punishment, in the form of a dunk tank contraption. 

As you can probably guess, KeatDawg's nasty machine drops him into a tub of water every time he fails. And if being dunked in a tub of water with every mistake isn't bad enough, KeatDawg is playing Jump King, a notoriously tough platformer about scaling an increasingly ludicrous tower with jumps alone.

Needless to say, KeatDawg is getting very wet.

KeatDawg is a 19-year-old from Georgia who, according to their bio, usually plays Valorant, Minecraft, Risk of Rain 2 and Overwatch. The streamer would be having a much drier time if those games were on the menu, but as it stands, during this playthrough of Jump King KeatDawg has already been dunked 335 times. Today alone, he's been dunked over 50 times. Damn.

As you can see in the oddly satisfying footage embedded above, KeatDawg is seated on a board above a tub of water. A headset is held suspended on a hook, so that when the inevitable dunk happens it doesn't get ruined. Here's a closer look at the diabolical contraption, via KeatDawg's Twitter:

Dunk King contraption

(Image credit: KeatDawg)

KeatDawg has been at it for a while: the Dunk King streams have been happening since at least early August. But now's the time to give KeatDawg some love, if only so there's no escalation. What if a dunk tank except the water is slime? Or Mountain Dew? Or dog poop? To stay abreast of proceedings, watch the stream on Twitch

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